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Twin Spin deluxe

Netent's Twin Spin Deluxe is a continuation of Twin Spin, but instead of a 5x3 grid, the Twin Reel action takes place on a 6x5 playing field, and instead of paylines you have to watch out for clusters. There are no free spins or any other great bonus features here, except for the Twin Reel feature. Each spin starts with two linked reels, and during each spin they can expand to 3, 4, 5 or even 6 reels.

In our test sessions, gamblers never got 6 linked reels, but 5 were enough to pay off solid bets of 150-200x. Thanks to the large size of the playing field and the winning combination system, it manages to keep a fair balance. Every time the 3rd reel was linked to the first 2, there was a shiver in my knees! Would another one be added...? Ahhhh, no! The 4 linked reels generated wins of about 30-60x, depending on the symbols included. Only 2 times did we have 5 linked reels, which resulted in our maximum winnings of 200 times the total bets. Players keep making spins, hoping that this magic show free players with 6 reels will still happen.

Twin spin deluxe slot

This is one of those slots that either plays or it doesn't. In cold mode, the wins in the main game will be around 2-5 times the bet. With 2 or 3 linked reels, the winnings won't be that impressive. If you are lucky, it can give consecutive wins, both medium and outliers of around 30-60x the total bets. Unlike its predecessor, the Twin Spin slot, the 4 linked reels here are much less common, as it is bound to result in big wins. Moreover, in the original Twin Spin slot, because of the 5x3 grid, 4 linked reels do not necessarily mean a win, as the 1st reel may not match the last 4 at all. However, hitting 4 linked reels here can bring mega wins of 300-500 bets, but as you could see during the sessions, the wins average around 100-200 bets. Nevertheless, the high potential is present and you can win a big win at the very beginning of the session. Or you may wait a long time for the first big win to be rewarded. As for the bonus money game, the balance is better maintained, but still, the Twin Spin Deluxe Netent slot is not a model machine for wagering requirements.

NetEnt's Twin Spin deluxe slot review

To win, you need at least 9 identical symbols, placed next to each other vertically or horizontally. The double reels are also the main attraction here, just like in the original game. They can turn into 3, 4, 5, and here 6 identical reels, which is sure to result in a mega win. Beautiful graphics and fun melodic house music in the background will accompany you in your pursuit of a maximum win of 1000x.

This gorgeous Twin Spin Deluxe slot machine has a generous RTP of 96.61% and medium-high volatility. It is an attractive neon-bright game that is definitely worth a try. You can check it out for free in DEMO mode here on our website. No registration, as well as authorization, is required.

Basic information

Always remember to test slots in DEMO mode before depositing real mega bonus money. This slot shows its intentions easily and almost immediately. When you're lucky, you'll be rewarded with frequent wins equal to your bet, but you'll also get decent wins of around 30-60 total bets, which you won't get when the slot is cold. In this case, you will only get payouts of 2-5 times your bet. Many players believe that the Twin Spin Deluxe Netent slot machine is best suited for short sessions and is not a good choice for bonus hunters.

Payout table

Since paylines are absent in the classic representation, their role has been taken over by a combination of 9 to 30 different pictures that can appear completely randomly in different places on the screen. However, there is a condition in which they must touch each other edges both vertically and horizontally. Therefore, a special cluster of new diamonds can appear, and who will be lucky, you can get prize money in the amount of 1/10 of the total beta, which is multiplied by the appropriate coefficient. The price list for different combinations can be seen in the Play Table tab.

There is no need to stop there, however, as each of the rounds can be marked by a bonus reward, which is called Twin Reel Feature. This is how the two columns get sticky and the pictures on them synchronize and become the same. This is available on the two vertical columns that must be together. If you are lucky enough, this option will expand on the neighboring cells right across the six vertical rows, forming a continuous prize field. To achieve a complete victory should take advantage of timely conditions, intelligently distributing them. Do not miss the opportunity to significantly change your life, and the machine Twin spin deluxe will do it with you!

Slot interface

Twin spin deluxe slot machine design

The interface of the slot is intuitive, and almost nothing has changed since the very first version. In the bottom panel you can find the following buttons:

  • Coin Value will be needed to designate the value of the coin. Switching the value, you can set a different credit value;
  • Level shows the value of one coin - from 1 to 10;
  • MaxBet will help the maximum value, and when you press the button again, the bet is activated;
  • AutoPlay will help you set the parameters for starting automatic scrolls;
  • "i" - opens the information board with payouts;
  • Green button in the center is needed to start the spin big used.

The screen also has a number of sectors with certain information about:

  • Bet - bet in the current round;
  • Coins - the number of coins in the purse.
  • In the very bottom of the also has an information board. Cash, Bet and Win are marked there.

Game mechanics

The Twin Spin deluxe slot machine will delight you with six reels. The pictures appear on the main screen with a 6x5 grid, but there are no active lines. You can bet on a spin multiple of ten. There are a total of ten levels, the smaller of which will be 1 cent, and the larger - 10 euros. At the end is not less than ten cents and no more than a hundred euros. There are a total of 10 signs that are formed in a variety of combinations using the Cluster Pays system. These are considered to be from nine to thirty identical icons that touch each other faces vertically or horizontally. Winnings are calculated in the range of coefficients from x5 to x10000. They are multiplied by the current bet (1/10 of the total amount at stake). Even in one spin can make several different payouts, which summarizes all the credits received. There is no doubling round in Twin Spin Deluxe.


During the spins, gamblers can notice different symbols of Twin Spin Deluxe, among which we can highlight the following list:

  • lucky sevens;
  • shining diamonds;
  • bars;
  • ringing bells;
  • cherries;
  • different-colored card denominations.

Some of the icons can occupy several cells at once. From time to time they fall out in the form of a strip, which makes winning clusters even more common. In the maximum combination there are 30 tokens of deposit starburst. In the conditions of the game there are no special signs, as well as any secrets, and the main highlight of Twin Spin deluxe option Twin Rell Feature. It is activated randomly, and the principle of use is the appearance on two neighboring reels of identical signs that are duplicated. The reels are also selected randomly, and in some rare cases this extends to all the columns. Thus it will bring an incredible payout.

Twin Spin deluxe payouts and bonuses

NetEnt has released a slot called Twin Spin deluxe in 2018. It represents an improved and modified version of the classic Twin Spin. The machine has a medium volatility, and the return on it reaches a mark of 96.61%. Reels on it became 6, and the number of rows was increased to 5. Prizes are paid when there are sequences of identical pictures, payments for which are issued for lines, of which there are only 243. Bet per spin can not be less than 0.1 and more than 100 dollars in translation to the currency of the account. Twin Spin deluxe can be easily activated in demo format, so that players have the opportunity to test its characteristics.

Game free in Twin Spin deluxe demo

In the demo format players can spend virtual currency cookie time, but there are other nice features compared to the standard version. Often, such casino platforms delight gamblers with extensive catalogs, in which a variety of game software from different developers is located. But users who have recently registered, there is a legitimate question - how do they choose the one machine that will fully suit their characteristics and like it for further play? To choose, you can use the demo mode, so you can understand whether you like the rounds and slots of the machine. In the catalog it is worth opening Twin Spin deluxe, which will please you with bonus payouts. After you gain experience in demo, you can proceed to activate the classic game for money.

Twin spin deluxe demo

Some customers follow the following tactic: first they test the slot in demo format, and after gaining experience, go to start betting for money. This way you can understand whether you like the game and find something to associate yourself with it in the future. Demo is useful for both beginners and experienced gamblers who do not want to spend too much to test a new machine. Players are aware that the training mode allows you to understand and check the real characteristics to learn the strategy by which you can win even more often.

Where is available slot Twin Spin deluxe online for real money

This machine on the profile forums characterized on the positive side, where in the reviews gamblers talk about how they managed to get acquainted with it and win the kush. A friendly company of developers Net Entertainment decided to create something new, having fastened together a reliable technical base and interesting technological ideas. Thanks to this, the slot has gained significant popularity among players, regardless of their previous experience or gaming experience. Nevertheless, at any time you can independently study the key characteristics of the main parameters and make independent conclusions about the possibility of winning:

  • The number of universal reels - six.
  • The number of paylines - are absent in the traditional sense.
  • Minimum bet (Min.Bet) - 0.1.
  • Maximum bet (Max.Bet) - 100.
  • Maximum expected winnings in a single round - 10000.
  • The ability to play not only for money, but also for free - there is.
  • Bonus-option with free spins - is available.

Please note that the sixth reel with the support of a wide range of bets significantly expands the chance of a prize combo, guaranteeing a significant prize even with a small initial investment.

Mobile version of Twin Spin deluxe slot

The slot gambling establishment Twin Spin deluxe uses cluster technology live jackpot falling out pictograms. You won't even need to register and create an account to receive a payout when playing in demo. Just start the game and collect pictures, arranged sequentially horizontally or vertically. Gambling hall has sorting by alphabetical order, software suppliers, popularity and the presence of a progressive jackpot, so that the user was more convenient to choose the machine for their needs. The most popular category among players are popular models. Usually already at the time of registration will be known about the machine, in which you can spend all the accrued incentives.

The game looks like a modern, bright colors are used, dynamic music, and the background depicts the city skyscrapers, changing one after another. The reels display a series of regular fruit machine icons illuminated in neon colors, which include cherries, golden bells and lucky sevens. Twin Spin Deluxe is a slot machine with interesting graphics and interesting animation effects. Do not forget about using the mobile version, which can be downloaded and installed on your electronic device. Thanks to this, you will be able to play outside the house exactly when you want to. Some casinos will be willing to offer free rewards simply for completing registration. If you spend a couple of minutes to fill out the form to get a personal account, you will also be guaranteed additional casino bonuses.

How to win in Twin Spin deluxe

Players will need to collect sequences of 9-30 pictograms, which must be the same. If they are placed next to each other and touch each other vertically or horizontally, you will get a combination. The peculiarity of this slot is that the screen high video is able to fill the same pictures. When making a large bet can count on getting a generous coefficient for winning on the line. Thanks to the Twin Reel feature, your chances of winning the jackpot are greatly increased.

Twin spin deluxe how to win

Clusters can be formed from identical icons that touch each other, and if you get 30 identical pictures you will win the jackpot. This happens very rarely, but it can be due to symbols appearing in whole bands across the reels that are next to each other. The slot machine has bright graphics and retro icons that will give you generous prizes. Profitable slot will bring you a significant increase in your budget. The modern machine will appeal to every fan of the original structure of gambling software. Before launching, do not forget about setting the desired beta size. If you need it, it can be changed whenever you want before spinning. To make players more comfortable, there is an automatic mode available, which allows you to watch from the outside the rotation of the reel and the falling out of winning combinations.

Recommendations and useful tips

It is always possible to find an online casino, in the assortment of which is this machine and the company NetEnt. Up to 243 combination options can be involved in forming sequences. You can do this at any time when you need it, the main thing to pay time. Thanks to the feature Twin Reels probability of winning is much higher than in similar machines. When playing online casino for real money, it is difficult to resist the constant temptation to activate the bonus. Especially if we talk about the reels of the emulator Twin Spin Deluxe. In this slot there is a significant difference, which is the absence of lines as such. To win finances, you need to collect a minimum of 9 symbols in adjacent reels. To get the biggest multiplier you will need to get as many wins as possible. The design of the slot has not received any changes, it is a classic machine that has a modern level of graphics. The reels will delight you with familiar pictograms A, K, Q, J and 10, which are pictures with low value and give from 5 to 1000 game coins. Cherries, bell, BAR, sevens, diamonds - these are tokens of the top value, they pay from 10 to 10000 game coins. Try to check them all, starting with the smallest variant, ending with getting the jackpot!


The machine has its positive and negative sides, the pros include such points:

  • The machine has a fairly high rate of return of funds - 96.61%.
  • The machine has support for payouts with a large number of lines - a total of 243 pcs.
  • The visitor is independently able to set the value of rotation from 0.1 conventional units in the currency of the balance.
  • Clients receive a huge payout of 100000 c.u.e..

The following things are attributed to the negative sides:

  • There is no risk game, which allows you to double the prize money.
  • This version of the game slot is without bonus mechanics.
  • Twin Spin Deluxe has no free spins.
  • The slot has no Wild symbols.