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Twin Spin how to play and win

The slot was released back in 2013, 10 years ago. Its design was stylized under the interactive entertainment of the 80s of the XX century, which were characterized by disco along with the corresponding sound and visuals. The five reels will please you with three rows of pictures, and all combos with wins are calculated in one direction from left to right. If users have a desire to spend their money in a gambling casino, they can change the bet denomination. The minimum possible bet is 0.25 coins, and the maximum goes up to 125.

The bonus when you win is determined by the gradient of the kaffe, which reaches up to x1000 of the value of the bet when the most expensive diamond images fall out. The game is distinguished by such a feature as synchronization of adjacent reels. Net Ent literally developed such an original mechanism, which determined the name of the game itself. Double spin or Twin Spin is determined randomly when the reels are launched.

Twin spin how to play

Reading players' opinions, it is best to make bets that will not exceed 50 coins, each of which is worth 0.1 credits. If you bet less, you won't win big, and more will be too expensive. If you play not the first day, you may know that a successful strategy is to follow a stable bet size. Therefore, every fifth rotation brings a certain result, and every fifteenth guarantees a big win. All fans of gambling machines can go to play Twin Spin and start a free game, for which you do not even need to register. The demo version has a variety of bonus features. and you will not have to stop yourself. When spinning the reels, there is always a chance for the reel to synchronize, and this can spread to the rest of the reels until the same pictures appear on the entire field. This will bring you a big score when playing Twin Spin. Do not forget about the high percentage of RTP, which reaches 96.56%.

Slot Settings

When spinning the five reels, try to make at least one combination on the line, of which there are only 243. You can bet from 0.01 to 0.5 dollars per spin, so this machine can be found for players with a small bankroll. The app can return you up to 96.56% of your finances with medium-high volatility. The maximum reward you can only earn goes up to x1000. There is a joker here as well - it is a sign that has Wild written on it. It changes other icons to the already existing ones, if there is a shortage to realize combos. To enter and start the game you need:

  • Open the machine and familiarize yourself with the payout table, to view the symbols and their values.
  • Select the amount you are going to bet. You can independently change the value of the coin and beta level to understand how many coins to put on one spin.
  • If you want to take a risk, click on the Max Spin button, which will increase your bet.
  • Don't forget about the autoplay setting, which will allow you to change the number of spins and the amount of money won or lost.
  • Click on the Spin!

The game has significant opportunities for you to win one spin after another. The game lines are present here in large numbers, and if three identical icons are placed on the three reels that run side by side, you will earn finances.

Rules of the game Twin Spin

A lot of online casinos that operate online have a catalog that contains all their machines. In them, you should find Twin Spin and switch it to Russian. Also don't forget to customize the fast spins, change the sound and choose the graphics quality. You can always open the help section and look at the specific rules of the game. You can also go into the automatic game, which also contains the visitor's previously made settings. You will not need to save the Twin Spin machine to your device, you can run it in your browser. With the apparatus is not difficult to manage, it has a characteristic for NetEnt software interface. On the bottom edge you will see the interface keys, they will help you change the settings and change the bet. To start the game, you need to first customize the main game parameters. More specifically, it contains the following buttons:

  • Coin Value will be needed to customize the value of the token. When you switch the value can be set the required value of credit;
  • Level will need to customize the number of coins used for bets;
  • MaxBet will give you to increase the value of coins to the maximum, clicking on it once again starts scrolling;
  • AutoPlay starts automatic spins. Following the activation of the mode you will not be able to change the value of the rate;
  • "i" - will display a table with payouts;
  • the green button in the center will start the spin.

The screen has a number of sectors in which there is infomraatsi about:

  • Bet - bet with the current round;
  • Coins - the number of coins in the purse.
  • In the lower part of the playing field you will find a stand with information. It has different characteristics: Cash, Bet and Win. Here the balance, total bet and win are indicated in virtual credits.

Main symbols

The main theme of Twin Spin is fruit. Here, the classic symbols are tightly intertwined with cute graphic content and a dash of space. In the background of the slot you can notice a background of dark blue, in which multicolored rays of turquoise, green and purple shine through. Behind the reels themselves are slowly sparkling lights of stars, symbolizing the luminaries in space. From time to time there is a meteor shower, you can hear the corresponding sound effects. On the site you can watch a free review and see the game rating. It is also very important to read player reviews This allows you to see the real numbers that are published in the terms of contact.

Twin spin symbols

The machine has a vintage symbolism, in it you will see a lot of things taken from land-based machines, and this mixed with a unique space theme. Among the icons themselves you can see cards and numbers diluted with cherries, bells and diamonds. All of these symbols have excellent detailing and drawing. The highest value is a five of the same icons. The cheapest combination is cherries, followed by golden bells. The most valuable are huge diamonds. Gameplay is accompanied by a beautiful background sound of retro music. It transports you back to the 1980s of the last century. At any time the volume of music can be adjusted to your desire or even turn off, for this purpose is used a special slider.

Payout table

To get the award, make certain combos, among which the maximum can be five identical pictures. Winning sequences will increase the bet with a certain multiplier. Below you can see information about all the characters found in the slot, which are multiplied by the presented value when combos of 3, 4 and 5 identical pictures are collected.

nine, ten, jack x3 x10 x25
dame, king, ace x4 x15 x40
cherry, bells x10 x75 x250
BAR x15 x100 x400
the number seven x30 x150 x500
diamond x50 x250 x1000

The Wild symbol triggers on all reels except the first. The Wild changes to the icon that is missing to complete the combination. In the bottom left corner there are buttons, thanks to which you can use the settings:

  • "?" will open a window with information to learn in detail about the rules of the game;
  • Auto will set the characteristics of automatic spins. It remains to select the number of auto spins and set the parameters at which they will be deactivated;
  • pictogram speaker - gives control over the volume of sound;
  • wrench - enables accelerated spins and animation before the game begins.

Bonus rounds and features

The machine Twin Spin has a simple game play. You won't find any complicated features here. You don't need to be distracted from gameplay, just dive into the gambling spins, tracking the combos that fall out. Don't forget about the sticky reels option. The slot has Wild signs, which are needed to replace the pictures with the pictogram you need. You can't find scatters, freespins or bonus rounds here. Nevertheless, you can customize the automatic game features so that you can relax without participating in the spins. This will facilitate the task, which is to press the same button. It is enough to select the number of such spins, and after this interval the game will independently stop. Twin reels with identical symbols during the scrolling can become three, four or five. They also have the ability to create identical pictures. This way you can get huge winnings without doing anything for it! Red light will light up on certain reels if they are twins in this round. At the start of any spin there is a chance that the reels will expand, this guarantees a high win.

Twin Reel

An important point that demonstrates that you have a modern slot machine, is the presence of a quality game process. The main feature of Twin Spin is the presence of reels that synchronize with each other. Before the spin occurs, the same tokens can be seen on the two reels. During the spin to them can add a few more.


These pictures replace the pictures that were missing in the theoretical combination (if 2 of 3 were already on the field). When two of these tokens fall out along with the Wild icon, it can become such a picture that you can earn the whole combination.

Successful Strategies and Tactics

If you consider the tactics of the game, you need to carefully plan all your actions before the game starts. Everyone can earn excellent money when playing on the reels of developer Net Ent, setting a certain value and number of bets. Gambling machines will delight you with a variety of multipliers applied to a single line. This applies to income, which is based on your bet. Thus increasing the value of the line will increase the theoretical payout. Coin slot machines work differently, in them bets and wins depend on how much each coin is worth. By increasing its value will immediately increase the theoretical payout. To increase their chances of winning, some users choose as many lines as possible with decreasing bets. Thus the chance directly depends on the value of the involved lines per scroll. To increase your bankroll you often need to go outside your comfort zone.

Twin spin strategy and tactics

Before you start spinning the reel, you should learn and memorize all the basic rules of your chosen Twin Spin machine. To do this, go to the section called "information", slots, to get an understanding of how it works for later play. Demo version will help you to understand how everything works here to get the jackpot in the future. Achieve the best performance by following all the details you have learned about. Increase your chances at getting Wilds for guaranteed combinations. To choose a strategy, you should also outline the following steps:

  • Before making a deposit you should test your chosen tactics in demo mode.
  • Train yourself to stop in time so you don't get wagering or greedy in a desperate situation.
  • Maximize your odds to get multipliers.
  • Available to bet different amounts for a chance of both a minimal loss and a good payoff.

Don't forget one more important thing - check volatility and game RTP level. This can be done by playing in demo format, where the characteristics are no different from the classic game. Volatility demonstrates the number of successful spins, and machines with a low indicator give more frequent but small payouts, and machines with a characteristic higher - rare wins, but they are much larger. There are also variants in which this parameter is medium-low or medium-high. Return to Player (RTP), also known as theoretical return percentage shows the value of the percentage of each spin that is given back to the player on average. For example, every 96 dollars given out out of 100 dollars spent on bets results in an RTP of 96%

Automatic Game Mode

When a prize sequence hits, there is an animation in the air highlighting the signs that were in it. There is no specific number of paylines here, and there are about 243 attempts to put together a combo, which is demonstrated during spins. There is an easy control panel located screen here. These buttons will help you to command during the play game. If you wish, each setting is activated separately from the others. All this applies to the quality of graphics, music volume values, as well as the ability to set the characteristics of the automatic game mode. Slot machine Twin Spin, developed by NetEnt shows the adage that good new is the forgotten old.

The design of the emulator used the classic style, also used in the creation of land-based one-armed bandits. However, there are some key differences, the first of which is immediately apparent - there are five reels, not three as is standard. Stylistics confirms the presence of first-class graphics, there is also a high-quality sound accompaniment, thought out to the details of the plot and interesting gameplay. This is the most powerful combo that will make any gambler happy, even if he has been playing gambling machines for a long time. Often this emulator is chosen by customers with a long gaming experience, maybe it is because they feel their similarities with land-based slots. You can play both online and by saving the machine to your mobile device. The interface is simple and can be intuitively understood after taking a few minutes to explore. Even if you first came to the online casino, literally in 10 minutes you can already in full force to bet and hope for a combination. There is a special regulator for betting, with which you can set different values from one to ten.